6 Hot Laser Engraver Suppliers in China

Hangzhou Hairong Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

A high-tech research and development firm dedicated to the laser sector, integrated research and development, and production, Hangzhou Hairong Laser Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. Our subsidiary, Ningbo Zhenyue Machinery Co., Ltd., is entirely in charge of our export operations. Hairong Laser, a pioneer and market leader in China’s laser industrial application, offers high-quality laser manufacturing, laser cutting, laser welding, automatic non-standard customizing, and other goods. They are extensively utilized in the metallurgy of iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, automotive and component manufacturing, aerospace, military electronics, and other industries.

The organization has amassed a sizable number of senior technical expert teams and professional laser technical experts after more than ten years of arduous effort and development. It created laser technology suited for domestic business uses. In order to guarantee the performance and quality of the supplied products, it is outfitted with cutting-edge processing machine tools from Germany and Japan and operates in accordance with the ISO9001 quality control system and the ISO14001 environmental management system. Many product lines currently have EU CE certifications, and the company works closely with many renowned and great laser device manufacturers both at home and abroad. It also holds a large number of patents and soft works. In the Suqian Laser Industrial Park and Ningbo Zhenyue IMP. & EXP. Corp., Hairong Laser (Jiangsu) Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., Wuhan R&D Center, and Suzhou Data Development Center were consecutively founded.

The company’s guiding principle has always been “careful and always improving,” according to Hangzhou Hairong Laser Technology Co., Ltd. Using the tenets of “The sea admits hundreds of rivers for its capacity to hold” and “Boundless is the sea for fish to dive at will, unlimited is the sky for birds to fly at ease,” as well as the Yangtze River Delta’s abundant resources and high level of productivity, the company insists on the development of the laser industry and continuously explores and excavates the depth and breadth of the laser field. It approaches every difficulty with sincerity in an effort to become a pioneer and practitioner of the domestic laser industry and uphold the honor of China’s laser industry.

The Hairong people’s enduring business attitude is “Meticulously constructed, unique, and brilliant.” Hairong employees have worked very hard to make sure that every piece of laser equipment they sell is completely qualified. from order taking, design, R&D, production, and customer delivery. To ensure that every piece of equipment offered is flawless in terms of performance and quality, we pay close attention to detail, manage every manufacturing link strictly in line with the quality management system, and offer consumers the most practical and effective products!

The company has always preserved and adhered to the business principle of “solidity, hard effort, and responsibility.” We always adhere to the client first, concentrate on long-term development, and do not harm the user as a result of economic interests. The perfect technology, considerate service, and high-quality service as the cornerstone of our success. We have a thorough understanding of user demands, and we consistently provide top-notch goods and services to satisfy those needs.

More information about Ningbo Zhen Yue Machinery: https://zhenyuemachine.en.made-in-china.com/

Suzhou Aeon Laser

In 2017, Suzhou AEON LASER Technology Co., Ltd established its own plant to produce fiber laser marking machines as well as laser engraving and cutting equipment. This market is already known as the “red sea.” Poor-quality, low-cost Chinese laser machines have swamped the market. End-users are whining about the poor quality of Made in China products, and dealers are upset over the low-profit margins. But when consumers searched, they couldn’t find a single laser system that satisfied their requirements for good quality while still being affordable.

In her era, AEON LASER had just been born. We compiled all of the drawbacks of laser systems from around the globe and self-redesigned the system to merely keep up with market trends. Soon, the first All-in-One Mira Series machine will be available for purchase. And it turned out to be a huge success. We respond to customer comments and regularly upgrade the machines to make them better and better with the help of the engineers and distributors.

The company AEON LASER quickly establishes itself as a rising star. We take great pride in offering the world’s markets the best laser equipment, and we’ll keep getting better.

Four series laser engraving and cutting equipment are available from AEON LASER.

Working area for MIRA SERIES Desktop Machines: 5030/7050/9060

The maximum speed offered by the AEON MIRA laser is 1200 mm/s (5G acceleration speed).

Professional laser machine from the NOVA Series: NOVA7, NOVA10, NOVA14, and NOVA16 Working area (7050, 1070, 1490, and 1610)

The NOVA laser can accelerate at 1.8G and reach a maximum speed of 1000mm/s.

The working area for the NOVA Super laser machine is 1070/1490/1610

The maximum speed of 2000 mm/s and 5G acceleration speed are also offered by NOVA Super.

High-power DC glass tube and metal RF combined

Our newest offering is the Nova super series.

The working area for the ELITE10, ELITE14, and ELITE16 Nova Elite Series lasers are 1070, 1490, and 1610.

Up to 2000 mm/s in maximum speed and 5G acceleration speed are offered by Nova Elite.

More information about Suzhou Aeon Laser : https://aeonlaser.en.made-in-china.com/

Shandong Man Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

An integrated business with a focus on manufacturing and selling laser products, laser engraving equipment, laser cutting equipment, and laser marking equipment both domestically and internationally is Shandong Man Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. All of these tools have found extensive use in the production of electronic devices, integrated circuits, telecommunication devices, computers, auto parts, glass and optical components, construction materials, jewelry, packaging materials, crafts, clothing, and other items as well as in the manufacture of medical devices, jewelry, and other baubles. The business was established in 2015. As a highly technological, self-managed firm, we have a strong financial foundation and excellent production, research, and development capabilities.

The exceptional quality of the products is a result of both sophisticated machinery and stringent management. Products are certified by the ISO9001: 2008 standard, the FDA, RoHS, SGS, and CE authentication. Over 150 countries purchase laser products, including the US, Canada, Russia, Australia, Europe, South East Asia, and Africa. Our high-end items are particularly well-liked in the US, Spain, Germany, and UK. Over 30 manufacturers receive OEM ODM services from our affiliated company. is working to assist businesses to enhance productivity, let Made in China reach the globe, feel the power of Chinese manufacturing, and build customer faith in Chinese manufacturing by providing fundamental equipment and tailored solutions for future industrial production.

More information about Shandong Man Machinery Equipment : https://lasermarkingmachine.en.made-in-china.com/

Shandong Ruby CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

Since our company’s founding in 2008, we have focused on manufacturing CO2 laser engraving cutting machines, fiber laser cutting machines, CNC machines with oscillating knives for cutting, laser welding machines, CNC router machines, CNC plasma cutting machines, and machines for bending acrylic and plastic sheets. We established two businesses over time (Shandong Ruby CNC equipment Co., Ltd. and Flying Technology Development Ltd.), and we currently have four workshops. With distributors in 30 different nations, we have developed a network of cooperation.

Our business is a cutting-edge organization that combines research, production, and sales. We have top-notch engineers and other technical professionals on staff. There is an enterprise standard for each product. Each one of them has a thorough quality control department with product standards. Both the American FDA certificate and the European Union CE authentication were successful on the goods. Our staff members do their jobs seriously, rigorously, and responsibly. Every stage of the product’s creation, from concept to manufacturing, is outstanding, and the factory conducts meticulous inspections to provide the best possible product with the least amount of malfunction potential.

Our products are extensively used in the clothing and textile industry, soft furniture, advertising and decoration, packaging industry, sports goods, medical protection, membrane structure, shoe bag leather, sealing gasket, automobile interior, suction insulation, woodworking, advertising, artmaking, model, electric, CAD/CAM Industry Model, clothing, package printing, marking, aerospace, automobile/shipbuilding, and more.

More information about Shandong Ruby CNC Equipment : https://flyingcnclaser.en.made-in-china.com/

Jiangsu Kuntai Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.

KT Marking, a division of Wuxi Kuntai Automation Co., is a pioneer in marking technology. We were founded in 2003 and are constantly growing our strong network of high-quality marking equipment. Even the most selective industrial client will find us to be a sought-after manufacturer of marking machines. We upgraded to Jiangsu Kuntai Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2017.

We at KT Marking go above and above as a provider of marking equipment. Whether it is Aerospace, Automotive, Electronic, Military & Defense, Metal Processing, Energy, or Medical, we handle a variety of marking applications and industries. Our customers benefit significantly from our marking equipment. We naturally appeal to sectors looking for high-quality labeling because of this.

We offer a comprehensive selection of quick and reliable marking solutions for industrial metal and plastic products, including as laser marking equipment, DOT peen marking machines, and customized marking solutions.

Every day, thousands of industrial firms around the world rely on KT Marking solutions. No matter if they are conventional or customized, ALL KT Marking systems are supported by a vast network of skilled and competent marketing, research and development, and service professionals.

These years, our factory has experienced significant growth and development:

The first-generation KT DOT peen marking machine was developed in 2003, making KT Marking a serious player in the Chinese market.

2006 saw the establishment of the KT Research and Development department, which was focused on creating the superior-performing DOT Peen Marker and Laser Marker

The Chinese government was given the “Honoring Medal of Contracts and Trustworthy Company” in 2008.

2009: Second-generation DOT peen and laser marker creation and patent certificate acquisition.

2012: The development of new and innovative marking machines that have won CE, RoHS, and other certifications.

2013 saw the formation of a service team to enhance customer care and assistance.

To become Jiangsu Kuntai Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2017

2019 goals include expanding our manufacturing capacity and introducing laser cleaning, laser welding, laser cutting, 3D laser engraving, and automatic laser machines with CCD visual positioning systems.

More information about Jiangsu Kuntai Industrial Equipment: https://ktmarkingmachine.en.made-in-china.com/

Shanghai Yuehua Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

The manufacturer and exporter of signage equipment with experience is Shanghai YueHua Laser Technology Co., Ltd. In this industry, we have extensive R&D, manufacturing, and marketing experience. First integrated manufacturers of laser equipment and inkjet printing in China. Products are exported to more than 60% of the world’s nations and regions. We have more than seven years of professional experience with some devices, including wide format digital inkjet printers, CNC router/engraving systems, laser engraving machines, cutting plotters, cold laminators, hot stamping machines, etc.

Our products have gained a solid reputation for high quality in recent years on both the domestic and international markets. They offer many wonderful qualities, like ease of use, sensitive controls, consistent and reliable quality, low electricity consumption, little noise, and a long lifespan.

Goldensign’s purpose is to specialize in digital sign equipment, achieve two wins with clients, and offer superior products and services to our distributors.

More information about Shanghai Yuehua Laser Technology : https://gsmachine.en.made-in-china.com/

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