Regularly massage these 5 health points, the five organs feel very “moisturized”!

The five organs of the human body, including the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs and spleen, no matter which organs have problems will cause serious harm to the body.hong kong escorts The body of the five organs and different points correspond to the corresponding points, through the massage of the corresponding points can achieve the effect of health.

What are the acupoints that nourish the five organs?

1. Shenmen acupoint nourishes the heart

Shenmen acupoint is located in the depression of the lateral end of the little finger in the horizontal stripe of the wrist, and has the effect of diarrhea of heart fire and stabilizing the heart and mind.nuru massage In your spare time, you can pinch and press this point until you feel a slight soreness in the area. Every night before going to bed, you can also massage the Shenmen point, in order to achieve the effect of the tranquility of the mind to help sleep.

2. Tai Chong point can nourish the liver

Tai Chong point is the original point on the liver meridian, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, high blood pressure, liver fire and liver yang hyperactivity are related to it. Regular massage of Tai Chong point can help lower blood pressure. In addition, massaging the Tai Chong point in the early stages of a cold can relieve a dry and runny nose caused by a cold. Use your fingers to move slowly upward along the seam between the big toe and the tip of the second toe, where the arteries in the foot pulsate is the Taichong acupoint, and press for about four or five minutes at a time. In addition, drinking a cup of wolfberry tea every day can nourish and protect the liver.

3. Foot Sanli point can nourish the spleen

Foot Sanli point belongs to the stomach meridian meridian, which has the effect of preventing many diseases and strengthening the body. Weak people have low immunity and are prone to illness and fatigue, so regular massage of the foot Sanli point can help strengthen the spleen and replenish qi. This point is located on the leg, four horizontal fingers down from the eye of the outer knee. 4.

4. Tai Yuan point can nourish the lungs.

The Taiyuan point is located on the transverse line of the wrist, where the radial artery pulses. Stimulating the Taiyuan point can relieve cough and asthma and nourish the lungs. Use the tip of the left thumb to press down vertically on the Taiyuan point on the right hand, then slowly open the right wrist until there is localized soreness and pain, lasting about 30 minutes, then relax and repeat the pressure 10 times.

5. Yongquan acupoint can nourish the kidneys

Yongquan point is a universal point on the body, located in the first 1/3 of the midline of the foot. Put your thumb on the point and rub it vigorously for 30 times, especially when waking up in the morning or massaging before going to bed, you can better nourish and protect your kidneys. Regular massage of the Yongquan point can achieve the effect of nourishing kidney yin and tonifying the kidneys, which is especially suitable for back pain caused by kidney deficiency.

Normally, you should ensure sufficient sleep, develop good living habits, reduce the number of late nights, and maintain an optimistic mindset.

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