China Private Label Eyelash Manufacturers

The top international private-label eyelash companies are listed in this table, along with their annual sales in millions of US dollars, where applicable. Below are summaries of company activities, along with additional information on each company’s headquarters location and employee count.

China Private Label Eyelash Manufacturers: Company Profiles

CompanyHeadquartersNo. of EmployeesAnnual Sales
Elour LashesChina120$24 Mil
Sunny Fly Beauty LimitedChina36$7 Mil
SP Eyelash (Qingdao Shuangpu Import & Export Company)China51 – 100$2.5 – 5 Million
ReaYoung (Belashes) EyelashesChina51-100$0.5 – 1 Mil
JTFIL EyelashesChinaNov-50Unavailable
Xizi LashesChina10Unavailable
Plumage Lash Products Co., Ltd.ChinaUnavailableUnavailable
Lashestst by Tsingtao LashesChinaUnavailableUnavailable
Ace LashesChinaUnavailableUnavailable

Elour Lashes offers customers a private label packaging service with a minimum order of 100 pieces and a huge selection of false eyelashes made from mink, horsehair, human hair, and magnetic materials.

Sunny Fly Beauty Limited provides a variety of strip eyelashes, eyelash extensions, and flare cluster styles as well as designs and manufactures the packaging for customers’ bulk orders of false eyelashes.

Qingdao Shuangpu Import & Export Company offers a wide range of strip, individual, and flare lashes for private labeling as well as false eyelash products like glue and remover.

ReaYoung (Belashes) Eyelashes produces magnetic eyelashes, false eyelash strips, and eyelash extensions for private labeling with no minimum purchase requirement.

Eyelashesworld provides customers with their own custom lashes, including custom labels and packaging, in addition to pre-made false eyelash designs.

JTFIL Eyelashes offers private label false eyelashes, eyelash extensions, eyelash extension glues, undereye pads, tweezers,

Xizi Lashes has more than 13 years of experience in the private labeling and false eyelash industries. Each month, the business produces more than two million sets

Plumage Lash Products Co., Ltd., one of the biggest false eyelash manufacturers in China, offers over 200 different types of fashion eyelashes, including strip, flare, and individual lashes for private labeling.

Tsingtao Lashes customers can select from a wide variety of false eyelashes. The company also provides custom packaging services with no order minimum.

Ace Lashes does not have a minimum order requirement for false eyelashes and provides private label services on a variety of different packaging designs, even though larger quantity orders are more cost-effective.

Conclusion for Private Label Eyelash Manufacturers

The top private-label eyelash manufacturers and suppliers in the US and abroad by annual sales are listed above, along with some of the top featured private-label eyelash companies on Thomas. We sincerely hope that this data will be useful to you as you look for suppliers. Please feel free to visit Thomas Supplier Discovery, which has information on the various types of cosmetics and cosmetic manufacturing, to learn more about custom cosmetics companies or to create your own custom shortlist of suppliers.

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