Kitchen is full of oil stains difficult to clean up, learn 3 small tricks, the kitchen for a long time as new and fresh and clean!

Kitchen is the focus of cleaning location, because most families are three meals a day cooking at home, kitchen fumes are very big, so long time not clean up will produce some grease stains. For example, the floor, wall, hood and other locations may become greasy, really not good looking. Therefore, I summarize 3 tips for you today, I hope to bring reference to my friends.

1. Kitchen hood cleaning tips

But the hood is certainly an essential kitchen appliance, especially for small householders, the kitchen area is even more limited, so the hood can not be less. But the hood will produce a lot of oil stains in the process of use, if not timely cleaning will affect the use of the hood, cleaning can also extend the use of the hood.cellulose sponge wipe manufacturers

Usually you can stick a layer of plastic film on the oil cup, so that when you use the oil stains will leak into the film. When cleaning the film thrown away on the line, so that the oil cup is still clean, rinse with water on the line. In addition, turn off the hood, while there is still heat when wiping, because the heat will soften the oil stains, easier to clean. In addition, when you buy a hood, you can choose the material of the glass panel, better scrubbing.

2. Gas stove cleaning tips

Gas stoves are actually the easiest place for grease to build up. This is because cooking is usually on the gas stove. Some vegetable juices and grease stains will splash onto the stove. If you can’t clean it in time, the grease stains will clog the stove and the fire will be affected when cooking.konjac sponge supplier

We can clean the countertop directly with a dishcloth. Generally the countertops of gas stoves are stainless steel and glass, both of which are easy to clean, but we can’t use steel wire balls or we will scratch the displayed layer. Then take the stove down, and then use a toothpick to slowly clean up the air holes inside, clean up some of the dirt accumulated inside, or clean up with a wire.Konjac sponge manufacturer

3.Cabinet cleaning

Cabinet is to play a role in organizing and storage, countertops can also be used as operating tables, such as washing vegetables, choosing vegetables, cutting vegetables, etc., so the worktop is also easy to have dirt. Countertop cleaning method is relatively simple to analyze, usually after we finish cooking directly with a rag to wipe again on it, dripping on the face of the face of the dish juice or no oil stains can not be too long not to clean up, otherwise the enterprise is easy to infiltrate, it will be very difficult to wash off.

In addition, the panel of the cabinet is also need to scrub, you can use a cleaning cloth with detergent to scrub, after washing and then wipe clean with a dry cloth can be. Some cabinet panels are still very well taken care of, such as the baking paint panel.

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