How much do you know about the three main immigration routes for poeple to immigrate to Hong Kong?

Why is the number of Hong Kong immigrants increasing every year? What are the advantages of immigrating to Hong Kong that make mainlanders fascinated by it? What kind of advantages can a Hong Kong identity have?

Hong Kong is a free port, the world’s economic and trade center, economic development and prosperity, investment projects in Hong Kong is a great help to enterprises, with working visa extension hong kong for children in education is also has many advantages.

In the end, what is the charm, Hong Kong is highly sought after by so many people, take a look!

1. After immigrating to Hong Kong, Hong Kong identity brings too many benefits!

Belonging to the same Chinese territory, communication without obstacles, low tax rate account freedom, the world’s third largest financial center and free trade port location advantages, visa-free 171 countries, is not exactly the perfect conditions for docking overseas trade?

Hong Kong’s tax rate is very low, the tax system is simple, especially the highest 15% tax rate. Compared with the highest rate of 45% in the Mainland, it gives too much room for large enterprises to save profits.

The environment is quick to integrate, the cost of trial and error is low, and the whole family gets a real welfare policy, immigrating to Hong Kong is quite cost-effective.

2. A Hong Kong employer offer in hand, you can get Hong Kong status (Hong Kong professionals)

Applicants with good technical qualifications and professional ability, with a Hong Kong company’s offer can get Hong Kong immigration status. The operation of their own company to hire their own, under the policy of specialists is feasible, and many nationals have thus obtained Hong Kong status, and even further naturalization.

5-digit application fee in the mainland first-tier cities struggling, but in Hong Kong is unimpeded, Hong Kong’s love and cherish talent, so that the country’s talents have a new way of thinking and goals.

3. Low threshold to obtain Hong Kong status (Hong Kong Further Education Program)

The threshold of further study immigration is the lowest. By studying in Hong Kong and working in Hong Kong, the applicant’s whole family can get Hong Kong permanent resident status. Both improve themselves and work to earn money, two birds with one stone.

Generally, when applying for Hong Kong further study immigration, applicants will be matched with schools and majors according to their situation, and they will get the acceptance letter from the school after the admission interview.

After applying for a Hong Kong student visa you can continue to apply for a Hong Kong Resident Identity Card. After graduation the work visa is seamless and can be used whether you are employed in a Hong Kong company or starting a business.

After studying and working in Hong Kong for seven years, you can be included in the Hong Kong permanent residence.

4. No investment, low-cost access to Hong Kong passport (Hong Kong Talent Program)

From the immigration program itself, the Hong Kong meritocracy has a long and steady process and relatively good reliability. Essentially, the scoring system is relatively complex in terms of meritocracy, especially if you are not a graduate of one of the top 100 universities or a master’s degree doctorate, the choice of meritocracy is more appropriate.

Applicants must have good academic qualifications, generally a university degree from a recognized university or higher education institution.

Under special circumstances, good technical qualifications, demonstrable professional competence or experience supported by documentary evidence may also be considered.

5. Can I hold a Hong Kong household registration and a Mainland household registration at the same time?

The most frequently asked question is whether it is possible to hold both Hong Kong permanent residence and Mainland China household registration at the same time. Is it possible to hold both Hong Kong permanent residence and Mainland household registration at the same time?

According to the law, a citizen loses his/her nationality when he/she becomes a naturalized citizen of a foreign country, but it is not clearly stated in the law whether a Mainland resident who acquires Hong Kong permanent resident status will ipso facto lose his/her Mainland citizenship.

In practice, the authorities concerned have not made this clear, and there is no precedent of the Public Security Bureau canceling the citizenship of a Mainland resident on the ground that he or she has acquired the status of permanent resident of Hong Kong.

The application for permanent residence in Hong Kong is not necessarily related to the abolition of the Mainland citizenship. In fact, the application for a Hong Kong Special Administrative Region passport is not related to the abolition of the Mainland citizenship. However, it is relevant if one has to apply for a Home Visit Permit after obtaining a Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card and a HKSAR passport!

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